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Tebow can't do Dallas

Written by Cory Whitmer

The Broncos hit the field for the first time yesterday for preseason action against QB Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys.

Broncos QB Kyle Orton played one series, going 2-for-6 with 37 yards passing. The march straight up the field was fueled by RB Knowshon Moreno who broke off some first downs and looked pretty good during the first drive.

Orton looked ok and could’ve shown better if the starters stayed on the field longer than one series.

The defense looked alive and did a serviceable job in the opening of the game, preventing Dallas from scoring and sending Romo off the field without having led a scoring drive.

Second string QB Tim Tebow took the field and the show began …

Tebow did not have a good game and looked a bit lost most of the time. Tebow fans disagreed whole heartedly on Facebook after his performance ended in the third quarter with over 90 yards passing, a couple rushes and a 118.8 QB rating, which does not encompass all the mistakes he made. His QB rating should be much lower, but is not, because of fortunate penalties. He had a pass intercepted that was stricken from the record because of defensive pass interference and a few other ill-advised passes were given back because of other penalties.

Tebow is going to have to realize this is the NFL and he isn’t Michael Vick. While he had a good TD run that was cancelled by a penalty on the play, he also had a play that ended with him running around the field, shaking tackles, to throw a complete pass short of the down marker that all resulted in three penalties against the Broncos. The Tebow show was nothing to be too proud of.

I haven’t seen a team commit so many penalties and still only lose by one point. The discipline at the line is going to have to increase. It’s usual for a preseason game with second and third string guys playing to have messy penalties, but not to the point where it is happening constantly.

Also the ball snap was less than desirable. Between Tebow fumbling the ball around and the ball being snapped high in the air, it is going to have to be severely adjusted. The QB should not be fetching the ball out of the air after the snap.

Third string QB Brady Quinn didn’t have a very good outing despite leading two touchdown drives. One of his touchdowns was overthrown and Quinn was lucky that his man was able to get up and get the ball, and keep his feet in the endzone.

Even after playing just one series, it is obvious that the starting job most certainly belongs to Kyle Orton. At the very least he led a fast paced drive to the red zone but like usual, couldn’t finish it in the endzone.

It was a battle of field goals at the onset of the game that Dallas ultimately won 24-23.

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