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Broncos go thrifty and LeBron has Tebow's back

Written by Cory Whitmer

The Broncos have not been the most active team in free agency, signing only one notable FA in Willis McGahee. The explanation could be attributed to the Broncos wanting to be thrifty with their money in possible hope of having more cash to spend next season.

The Broncos look to be more determined in their rebuilding efforts by going through the draft instead of free agency.

If this is the line of thinking coming from the offices of Dove Valley, I say go for it. Aside from McGahee, who got a four-year contract, the other free agent signees have all received one-to-two year deals which shows that Denver is in favor of cooking dinner at home than going out to eat. Raising home grown talent that was groomed by your people, in your playbook can go a long way to having team cohesion.

As training camp grinds on, so does the “Can Tebow play?” battle. Chiming in this week was ESPN analyst Merril Hoge who stated this week that after watching Tim Tebow play for a few years that he is sure that Tebow will not succeed as a quarterback and then proceeded to unleash on the inadequacies of Tebow in probably the harshest way I have yet to hear of.

Tebow tweeted out after the bit on ESPN with “Hey Merril,…‘ppreciate that,” in the style of his FRS commercial.

Coming to Tim’s defense? LeBron James.

King James tweeted out that the talking heads don’t know what they’re talking about; to stop hating and that Tim will prove them all wrong because he is a “winner.”

Unfortunately, for Tim the consensus around Dove Valley is that Kyle Orton is leading the way in the QB competition.

Tebow’s time will come, I am still holding on to the idea that Orton will still find a home elsewhere and Miami fans are turning, fast. QB Chad Henne is constantly being booed in practice and there are chants of “We want Orton.” Miami Coach Tony Sporano said he is “disgusted” by the fans attitude towards the team and Henne.

If you want to end it, Sporano, then push to get Orton. Of course the fans are disgusted, the organization tried to replace the current coach with Jim Harbaugh (now in San Francisco), got a bad year from Henne and actively pursued Orton once free agency began.

A trade is still an option, it is going to take Henne being terrible in the preseason to possibly make it happen. Miami has QB Matt Moore on their roster, who was drafted by Carolina last season. He could be a part of a possible package for Orton when Miami gets desperate.

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