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Lock Out Lifted, Engage Broncos Free Agency

Written By Cory Whitmer

...and on the 132nd day, the Lock Out was ended. The owners and players finally came to an agreement on a new CBA that will last 10 years. We shall see how the next CBA expiration fairs, but until then it's on to probably the most exciting Free Agency period in NFL history.

Since the beginning of Free Agency NFL Insider Adam Shefter is probably on course to win a Twitter award as he has been firing away updates on player movement that has been rampant.

One place it hasn't been? Denver.

Since the beginning of Free Agency, Denver has managed to trade WR Jabar Gaffney to Washington for DE Jeremy Jarmon. No blockbuster trade here, just a Supplemental Draftee that had to forgo his senior year at Kentucky because of a positive test for a banned substance.

Can't say losing Gaffney hurts too awful much.

What is truly perplexing is two things: why a team that has many needs hasn't been more active and why is Kyle Orton still a Bronco?

The Broncos have holes it needs to fill on both sides of the line, it requires a better corps of receivers and there are no serviceable tight ends. That is just the start.

Aside from those glaring gaps, there is the Kyle Orton situation. The Broncos had become involved in trade talks with Washington, San Francisco and Miami as possible landing spots for good 'ol neck beard.

Washington still seems likely as they traded Donovan McNabb to Minnesota, leaving them with only one QB, John Beck.

San Fran seems committed to Alex Smith thus far and then there is Miami...

Miami got Brandon Marshall last off-season, just acquired Reggie Bush and now seem to be the most likely spot for Kyle Orton to take his mediocre talents to South Beach. The problem is that the Broncos are in training camp and Kyle Orton sits #1 on the depth chart.

Both Kyle and Tim Tebow have played their parts well the last two days trying their best to be cordial, well actually Kyle has tried to be cordial, Tim has been his regular "ah shucks" self and been quiet about it or deflected it. The majority of the city wants him gone and for this franchise to succeed in some way this season Kyle Orton has to go somewhere else, and he deserves to.

Orton is a serviceable QB and with a good supporting cast he could be ok somewhere else, just not in Denver.

The people demand Tebow and the future of the Broncos lies in the hands of Timothy Richard Tebow. For better or for worse.

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