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Team dividing lines?

Written by: Cory Whitmer

The 2011 Lock-out continues on as scheduled thanks to the appellate court upholding the NFL’s stay on their pending appeal of the ruling last month, which will reconvene June 3rd. Until that time, Broncos news continues to grind away in trickles. Dumervil was acquitted of his assault charge stemming from a case of unknown identity during the season when he lacked credentials to enter (Invesco Field at) Mile High.

Cox plead not guilty to his two sexual assault charges and a guy named Brandon Marshall got attacked by the most unlikeliest of people, an intimate partner. This time around, the wife.

What I am most ‘concerned’ about currently is the divide I feel may be drawn between the two teams: Team Orton and Team Tebow. It was reported last month by the Denver Post that Tim Tebow along with Eddie Royal, Jabar Gaffney and Brandon Lloyd were getting together and working out on a field. Not too long afterwards it was made known that incumbent QB, Kyle Orton, was working out with Eric Decker, Zane Beadles, LenDale White and ten others were getting together at the Family Sports Center dome in Centennial for work-out, on Orton’s dime.

My issue with this is that during Tebow’s starts at season end, Orton was not seen on camera once trying to help the rookie and also wasn’t very complimentary about Tebow, actually very aloof, during press conferences. Not a surprise given that the fans have spoken and enough voices are calling for Tebow to be the next starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos. The fact they are not working together during the offseason only draws the line in the sand even deeper. On one side are Orton’s guys and on Tebow’s side are his.

Trade rumors are circulating that Arizona has made inquiry into acquiring Orton, which would be a good choice for all involved. Orton may be an insurance plan, but even the fans are mostly done with him and he won’t be able to get a real shot here. He just doesn’t embody the qualities that Broncos fans expect out of their QB. Only The Snake, Jake Plummer, has been close and he was still more aloof then what we wanted. Cutler was exciting, but has the personality and demeanor of a depressed spoiled rich kid. Entitled and avoidant. Tim Tebow is the personable, albeit cliché, player that will create entertaining, exciting plays.

This team can’t unite under one QB until one of them (Orton) is wearing a different uniform come Week 1. If Denver wants to continue with Orton then Orton is going to have to make this offense hum and the defense is going to have to give the offense field to work with.

1 comment:

  1. Dave Bruning/Broncos MixJune 16, 2011 at 1:02 AM

    Orton has clearly played his last down as a Denver Bronco. His play as a quarterback improved during his time in Denver, albeit it is hard to judge his ability as a true leader. Quite frankly, if Plummer had beaten Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship game a few years back, he would probably still be Denver's QB and Shanahan still the coach. Times change. Tebow is the immediate future. It scares the hell out of me, but there is no denying Tebow will be Denver starting QB if and when they get the lockout settled.