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Today's Offseason/Lock-out Thoughts

By Cory Whitmer

It has been quite some time since I have wrote any piece for this blog. As a matter of fact, I would say too long. This will be the first of what I hope are some more frequent posts for the future.

The last season was a huge waste. I wasn't very happy to see the team start off slightly uneven. The offense did hit some strides. Connections with Brandon Lloyd were almost always the way to go. Moreno was one year older after being crowned the biggest single player question mark of the team. The guy's job is to house balls in the endzone, being very ineffective on any of the three downs doesn't make for a very easy future. Got to pull it together.

The defense was only serviceable a few times and even then it wasn't enough from them and miscues I think were very overlooked when looking at defensive effectiveness. There are some players that are either undisciplined or lacking the mental faculties to NOT flinch at the line or take some flagrant, bad penalties. Got to pull it together.

The "it" I am referring to is: cohesion. They need to burn it down and start over with a lot of fresh pieces. Having some good vets like Dumervil, Williams, Haggan and Bailey then having some hungry young guys like Mays. That is where you try to build around, the key players. Speaking of Mays, the man was beastly at times, running wild to feverishly seek-and-destroy. I like this guy because he just wants to hit somebody. Go get em. This team needs to get better quality players who want to play here and want to get out there and make their money doing it right. I really want to see AJ Hawk come down from Green Bay. Hawk plays at a pretty high level and he is certainly a team player. The Super Bowl champs released him and if it is at all possible that they don't bring him back once the almost-inevitable lock-out is looming and could indefinitely. I would like to see him signed before tomorrow evening at 11:59 ET. Probably won't happen even if nobody throws a job offer at him by Friday morning.

The immediate future for NFL fans is going to enter watch-and-wait mode full-swing and the Broncos will have to game plan without holding much to deal with and too many holes to fill (TE with the release of Daniel Graham, which is kind of unfortunate). Time to hit the lock-out fallout bunker.


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