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Let Tim Tebow Part The Red Sea And Deliver Broncos Fans To The Promise Land

By Brian Ailor

I agree with most that Tim Tebow isn't a perfect option at QB in the NFL but go with me here... Say the Broncos go out and get an offensive type coach this next season, which seems to be the type Pat Bowlen goes for, then build around Tebow. Get maybe Mike Martz or another smart offensive coordinator to utilize what Tebow can do and not make excuses over what he can't do. Why can't the Broncos next year be like the Eagles are now? Have Tebow dink and dunk the ball to super fast athletes under smart packages like Andy Reid does in Philly.

How about we trade the top 5 pick to a team even more desperate for a QB then we are and maybe get multiple 1st round picks in return. Can use them to get other play makers on defense to go alongside Dumervil and hopefully the returning Champ Bailey. Then perhaps trade Orton for mid round picks and draft some weapons for Tebow.

Lets say the Broncos go out and get a Jon Gruden, who worked with Tebow at the NFL combine a year ago, or Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg to be the head coach. Both of whom are smart coaches capable of compiling a playbook around Tim Tebow. Look what Mornhinweg has done with Mike Vick... Can't tell me it would be harder to transform Tebow into a successful pocket passer then someone who spent 2 years in prison. As far as the defense is concerned, we know Wade Phillips needs a job. Say what you will about Wade's head coaching stats, most recently with the disaster that was the Dallas Cowboys, but no one can argue that hes not a top NFL defensive coordinator.

A QB's best friend is a strong running game and a clutch TE. At the moment the Broncos don't have the luxury or either of these. With the Number 5 pick the Broncos select Mark Engram, Running Back, Alabama. Can you tell me that wouldn't be hard to turn down? Have Mr. Inside in Engram, and Mr. Outside in Knowshon Moreno. Get a TE that doesn't look like an offensive lineman, that means you Daniel Graham, and your all of a sudden an offensive force to be reckoned with.

Just because you don't have a cannon for an arm doesn't mean you can't be a productive QB in this league. Look at Chad Pennington for example. Early in his career Chad was a pro bowl level QB. Truth be told I think Tebow is a better, ill be it left handed, version of Chad Pennington. You Basically have the same completion percentage and same arm strength, only your adding better athleticism and a much higher leadership potential. Plus Tebow just has "winner" written all over him.

How can you not watch Tim Tebow and not cheer for the him? The guy gets so fired up and commands not only the attention of his teammates but also the fans. I personally can't help myself wishing he gets a chance to start next season. And judging by the fact his is the #1 selling jersey this season, it looks like I'm not alone in thinking so..


  1. Mark Engram don't want him no way now how, way overrated we can find a guy in the third or fourth round and he has 80% odds of having the same career as him. I do like the other plan in trading down for picks, unloading Orton for a pick and stocking up on talent. Trade down for that TE out of Wisconsin, I hear good things about him.

  2. Yeah that kid from Wisconsin looks good.. Its too bad we got rid of Tony Scheffler, really liked him as a TE. As for Mark Engram, this time last year he would of been the clear #1 pick in the way hes fallen that far!

  3. Even if you think Engram is pretty good I think most can agree he is not the next Adrian Peterson, Ricky Williams, or Barry Sanders out of college so I see no reason to take a running back that high in the draft otherwise. There are just to many good backs found in later rounds of the draft every year.

  4. The only offensive player the Broncos should even consider taking is Andrew Luck of Stanford. If they have that opportuninty, it should be taken. Otherwise this teams needs to focus solely on the defensive side of the football.

  5. The Broncos would be far better off trading the Andrew Luck pick. Know he looks like the greatest thing since sliced bread but with the rookie salaries being the way they are he would be making Tom Brady type money from day one. Be much better off trading that pick to a team desprate for QB. Getting multiple picks later in the draft to fill up all the holes on defense.