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It's Tebow Time

By Dave Bruning

He’s clearly not ready. He’s clearly overhyped. He clearly hasn’t earned the opportunity to start. His biggest believer and the man who drafted him has been fired. Hell, his college coach is no longer around either. Still, Tim Tebow mania has a strong pulse. Against all that is rational, it is Tebow Time.

I almost can’t believe I wrote the previous sentence. I have not been a fan of the Tebow draft pick from the beginning. I have tried to be positive in my assessment of Tebow and his potential future with Denver because I am a fan, but realistically, the Broncos had screaming needs on the defensive side of the football that have basically been ignored for two years. This might explain why Denver has allowed almost 1,200 more yards rushing to date than the Pittsburgh Steelers. I can’t believe I just wrote that, yet it is true.

Denver’s defensive woes are not going to improve this year. This is why it is time to give Tebow an opportunity. Starting quarterback Kyle Orton has banged up ribs, not to mention he has proven his worth. The Broncos are out of the playoffs and it is time to give Tebow some quality playing time; if not Tebow, then the other college prodigy, Brady Quinn. Reality (financial commitment) dictates the obvious choice is Tebow.

Denver visits the Black Hole of Oakland this weekend. This is certainly not the ideal location for a rookie quarterback to make his starting debut. On the flip side the Broncos have lost 2 games this year already to rookie quarterbacks (Sam Bradford and John Skelton). The hostile environment of Oakland should remind Tebow of just another SEC road game. Tebow’s college resume indicates he plays his best in the biggest games and the toughest environments.

Assuming Tebow gets the start, I believe he will be overwhelmed at times and look very much like a rookie. I also expect him to be able to improvise and make some plays with his legs. The Broncos desperately need an injection of youthful enthusiasm, and there is no doubt Tebow will bring that. Oakland’s defense is not overly scary and the Broncos would certainly have a vast array of unseen plays to throw at the Raiders with Tebow running the offense.

Denver is staring at a top 3 pick in the upcoming draft that is loaded with top quarterback prospects. Conventional wisdom dictates interim Broncos Head Coach Eric Studesville should play it safe and stay with Kyle Orton. His reality and any hope to coach Denver in 2011 dictate Tebow Time. Even scarier, the choice Studesville makes could shape Denver's future for years to come. Once again, where are you Pat Bowlen?


  1. I agree start Tebow, and hopefully start the transition to picking a QB with that 3rd pick in the draft. After Tebow takes his lumps as a starting QB he can be moved to another position where his athletic talents might help us. I know it is hard not to draft an impact defensive player with that number 3 pick but it is a QB first league, the Tebow pick as you stated was the time to draft defense.

  2. Good Call, Tebow indeed made some plays with his legs, 40 yard touchdown run! Did not look bad throwing the ball either, to bad the play calling was so conservative. With that said we need defense, not another QB with our first pick. QB was not the problem this year, our lack of defense is!! Let's build a defense first, then see how the QB position progresses.

  3. Think your too hard on the guy. Hes better then 20% of the league starters as is. Just need to work with him and build around Tebow. Got plenty of WR weapons around him thanx to McD! Go deep with Lloyd and short with Royal and Jabar Gaffney. If Orton can do it, i have a feeling Tebow can too...