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2010 Denver Broncos Overview

By Dave Bruning

The 2010 NFL preseason fraternity rush has come and gone. Qualified candidates have put their best foot forward. Even Tim Tebow’s debutante ball was a success. The Denver Broncos have had a full preseason to look into their football crystal ball and put their regular season roster together. Here are my thoughts on what I have seen so far.

• Kyle Orton is clearly entrenched as the Denver starter. By all accounts it has been his best offseason/preseason and his mastery of the Broncos’ offense is unquestioned. The 1-year, $9 million contract extension for next season is not the long term contract Orton was looking for, but it will feed his family for the foreseeable future.

• Tim Tebow has showed tremendous potential. He is raw and his quarterback skills clearly need fine-tuning. I have hope for his future despite the good-natured fun I have had at his expense in previous posts. I look for Tebow to be used effectively in Wild Bronco, goal-line and short yardage situations in the upcoming season.

• I like Brady Quinn’s work ethic and professionalism. I honestly don’t believe there is a future for him as a Denver Broncos quarterback.

• The running game scares the be Jesus out of me. Too much uncertainty and injuries to have much confidence here. That being said, look for Orton to have a big year throwing the football.

• I am excited about the wide receivers, despite the trade of Brandon Marshall (good riddance!). Jabar Gaffney should enjoy a breakout season, Brandon Lloyd also looks to follow suit, rookie Eric Decker reminds me of Ed McCaffrey every day and 1st round pick DeMaryius Thomas could be very special if he stays healthy.

• The offensive line is looking to integrate several young players, most notably Zane Beadles. If premier left tackle Ryan Clady can make a healthy return from an offseason knee injury, Denver should be solid in the offensive trenches.

• The defensive line is another area of concern. Standout pass rusher Elvis Dumervil is likely out for the season and there is not enough depth here. Denver defenses traditionally start strong and fade. I believe this is directly attributable to the defensive line.

• Denver’s linebackers and secondary are solid. Sadly, I believe they will wear down as the defensive line struggles. Head coach Josh McDaniels is in the midst of bringing in bigger bodies to anchor the defense, but it takes time the NFL does not usually afford head coaches.

• Denver’s kicking game is quite solid. Kicker Matt Prater has a shotgun of a leg, and punter Britton Colquitt is packing a howitzer in his leg.

• Denver’s biggest wild card might be their head coach, Josh McDaniels. He is clearly bright, innovative and confident. A good buddy of mine (sadly a Raider fan) mentioned to me he thought McDaniels would make a great head coach in his second opportunity. The pressure is on in Denver. I like McDaniels’ conviction. I haven’t agreed with all his draft choices.

The Denver Broncos recent history speaks of strong starts and poor finishes. I could make a ton of money if they were a greyhound or a thoroughbred! I like another strong start and a battle to a 9-7 finish. Overall improvement, but not enough to be booking playoff tickets in the rugged AFC conference.


  1. This kid can write and analyze like no other!!

  2. I have predicted a similar finish (8-8) and agree with most of the assesments in this article. The two player mentioned here that I trully dont like are Tebow and Gaffney. Tebow, while he brings a bunch to the field, is not a guy I want throwing 20-30 times a game. Gaffney I think benifits from a reciever friendly system and being a friend of Bilicheat. What will bury McD is going 2-4 in his division, which I think is probable.