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Broncos v. Bengals Reaction

By Cory Whitmer

The time to see what the 2010 Broncos have has finally arrived. Though it is a pre-season game and I am sure many agree, the score at the end of the game isn't nearly as important than what you actually see on the field itself. That being said the Broncos lost 33-24. What was seen on the field by plenty of Broncos was impressive enough to hold hope that it is possible to salvage what was shaping to be a disappointing season, potentially because of injuries to the King of Sacks, RBs and the only current Bronco that maybe thought he could play NBA hoops...Ryan Clady.

Kyle Orton went out right away and showed to be better than what he was doing last season, though he doesn't own a fractured finger or some busted ankles yet this season. When he left the field in the 1st Quarter he had put up 14 points with the help of Eddie Royal and Brandon Lloyd. Speaking of both, am I the only person who is burnt out on "The Royal Treatment"? I think because Carlos Gonzalez of the Rockies does taco commercials that instantly I was burnt out on the Eddie Royal version. Just me but obviously free cheap tacos get shelled out to those leaving work that perhaps watched the game and saw the required points on the scoreboard to load up on crunchy shells and greasy cow meat. Brandon Lloyd wanted to get nice after his touchdown, doing a little dance in the endzone, which was the only one by any players because Ocho-cinco and Ocho-uno came up short because of my man, Champ Bailey. Champ who I am hoping is making a campaign to get a contract extension or a new one and show he still has the wheels to catch guys even though tangling with TO nowadays isn't quite the same as it used to be.

By the time Brady Quinn came in the Broncos had the lead but if this was baseball, he would've taken the loss. Quinn had some moments where he looked good but couldn't maintain, especially after he was picked for 6 by Cincy's David Jones, who promptly housed the ball and prayed afterward in the endzone most likely to have a bigger season than '09. The biggest head shaking of the game for me and plenty of others who saw that Tebow had some points left out on the field because of WR Matt Willis. Willis lead the team in yards receiving but also could've made those stats bigger if not for two dropped passes that were thrown beautifully but bungled. Willis showed he can be part of a receiver corps. but needs to catch those easy passes where the ball is placed perfectly and he has the DB beat.

Tebow's debut otherwise went well, got to see what made him the college legend he is. Scrambling, not going down easily though he did take a couple good hits. Timmy is durable and while I say that he is going to need to be more careful because what worked in college, can work in the NFL, but these are bigger guys who get PAID to beat up others, especially QBs. Tebow bowled over a couple Bengals who couldn't stop Tim from getting a rushing TD on the last play of the game and expiring the game-clock. I look forward to next Saturday where the Lions are coming to the Mile High City and are going to get thoroughly thrashed by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd string. I'm thinking next week, 37-13 in the Broncos lone pre-season "confidence building" game.


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