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I’m Optimistically Disillusioned

By Dave Bruning

The Denver Broncos are preparing to begin training camp for the 2010 football season. It is a time ripe with optimism. It is also a time to be disillusioned. I guess you could say I am optimistically disillusioned.

I am optimistic head coach Josh McDaniels will improve all aspects of his coaching in his second season leading the Broncos. I am disillusioned over the way the Broncos finished 2009.

I am optimistic Tim Tebow is the quarterback Denver has been looking for since John Elway retired. If not Tebow, perhaps Brady Quinn or Kyle Orton will step forward. I am disillusioned because I don’t believe any of these quarterbacks can lead Denver back to the Super Bowl.

I am optimistic the Broncos play in the AFC West. This is perhaps the weakest division in the NFL. I am disillusioned because I don’t think Denver is good enough to win the division, and the wild card spots are not coming out of this division.

I am optimistic the draft picks of McDaniels will develop into the new nucleus the Broncos can build around. I am disillusioned because four #1 draft picks in two years have yielded Knowshon Moreno, Robert Ayers, Tim Tebow and Demaryius Thomas. Certainly not the equivalent of baseball’s murderer’s row, and I’m not sure the group is talented enough to warrant being Denver’s future core.

I am optimistic the Broncos can reclaim the old Mile High magic and once again dominate their opponents at altitude. I am disillusioned by what has basically been a .500 home record since the state of the art Invesco Field at Mile High opened. The reverberating sound of South stand fans pounding their feet on aluminum bleachers is a distant echo.

It’s training camp time. Everybody is 0-0 with the goal of winning the Super Bowl. Optimism is certainly warranted. Disillusion hangs sadly like a dark cloud. I guess I’m just a fan at heart.

1 comment:

  1. In both optimism and Disillusion I think the Broncs are destined for an 8-8 season. While they may be better than last years 8-8 team, last years team was probably closer to a 5-11 team with a couple of fluke wins. I could see the squad making a jump in 2011, San Deigo is still the class of the division and short of an extended injury to Philip Rivers, the Donks are probably closer to third in the division than the first.