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Denver's First Round Review and React

By Cory Whitmer
I’m typing this as it happens and like I thought and some of the local radio folks thought, Denver did trade down from 11 to 13 in a swap with the 49ers thereby gaining a 4th rounder. Shortly after Philadelphia traded up and swapped the 11th with the Broncos, sending Denver further down the board to the 24th pick, along with two other 3rd round picks. At this point I have to believe they will stay at 24 and select Center Maurkice Pouncey, which I believe would be a good pick since they traded down far enough to pick up a quality player they need immediately for a good price, not including the amount of picks they added in the two trades.
Now I’m not sure who Denver will take because at 18 the Steelers selected Maurkice Pouncey. That blew my first round pick in the event that Denver did what I figured they'd do, trade down. The Broncos then swapped with the Patriots to move up to 22 from 24 to select WR Demaryius Thomas from Georgia Tech. Effectively now the Broncos have set their wide receiver corps and replaced Brandon Marshall with a guy who is physical, albiet a bit shorter than Marshall though.
Whoa! Th Broncos are up again with the 25th pick after trading back into the first round and they select: Tim FREAKING Tebow. I kinda figured McDaniels would want to pull the trigger on this, but I didn’t think it would be until the 2nd round if he wasn’t gone by the time. Well now the Broncos are going to be under the NFL drafted QB microscope with the addition of the Florida phenom: Tim Tebow. WOW! As it stands now: Kyle Orton, Brady Quinn, Tom Brandstater and Tim Tebow. Not sure it was worth the price of a 2nd, 3rd and 4th pick because the Broncos have more holes to fill than a WR and QB. Despite what is made of Tebow whether it is his throwing, the offense he comes from or some just being general haters, the city of Denver will be a better place for having Tim Tebow living in the city and playing for the team. See ya on the field wearing 15 (vacated now because of Marshall being gone).


  1. This was a bit of a shocker to me but I heard rumblings that their late this week that multiple teams were interested so you had to think if you wanted him you needed to do it in the first. Gutsy move by McDaniels he will remember for this one way or the other, or will it be that he is going to be remembered for trading Marshal or Cutler it is hard to keep track of his big moves. I like Tebow, he seems like he is a player who takes teaching well and I don't question his athletic abilities.

  2. ...And you can't question the kids athletic abilities and what he did in Florida and what he was putting out in effort and heart. Who knows whether we were in danger of not getting him if McDaniels didn't trade back into the 1st round. It has happened and we won't know anyone's true intentions now because we picked up the most debated QB in the Draft and immediately put the Broncos under the microscope. I doubt McDaniels will be remembered for Cutler because who knows if he will be a good leader and competitior, time will tell. Marshall on the other hand I think will have a better shot at being remembered negatively, only based on how well our own receiver corps does. We only need one receiver to be physical, gain good YAC, get double digit TDs....but we won't be seeing insane one-handed catches or incredible playmaking probably for some time. I hope Royal can get it going and that Thomas is what McDaniels thinks he is and can be.

  3. Wow...and you call yourself a fan birdman???

  4. To me the question of could we have gotten Tebow later is irrelivent. Personally, I don't like the pick up and don't really care what round it was in. Admittadly, if it werre a third round experiment I would be much more on board with the decision, but a first? I'm tired of hearing about work ethics, Tommie Frasier, Scott Frost, Charlie Ward, all of these guys were very successful college QB's but din't have the know how to go to the next level. If winning in college is so important why didn't Colt go #1, he won more than anybody....ever!

  5. I'm going to ignore everything else you said because all of it is irrelevant because of the three names you brought up: Frazier, Frost and Ward. Frazier never played in the NFL because of having Crohn's diease, and if you know anything about Crohns it is NO joke. I worked with a guy who has Crohns Frost was a QB that converted when he went in the comparison there in regards to translation from college QB to NFL QB, because he NEVER played QB in the NFL, but he did play in the NFL. Then there is Ward who refused to go to the NFL and instead played in the NBA. Obviously there are plenty of folks who thinks Tebow can play, needs development and thats all he needs to get a chance. Look at what happened with Kurt Warner, he got his shot and he is HoF bound now.