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Denver Broncos and the AFC West Draft Analysis

By Dave Bruning
Holy Tebow, Batman!

The Denver Broncos and head coach Josh McDaniels were the talk of the 2010 NFL draft after selecting University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow with the 25th pick in the first round. Tebow is widely recognized as perhaps the greatest college football player. His professional future is shrouded in uncertainty. For the sake of McDaniels and the Broncos, there had better be all sorts of untapped potential to cultivate in Tebow’s football utility belt.

Tebow is certainly not the prototypical NFL quarterback. He did not have to read defenses very extensively or go through a series of progressions from receiver to receiver in college. He also brings an elongated throwing motion; however, this is in the process of being reworked. He did not make many throws from a true NFL pocket nor did he have to make many 3-step, 5-step or even 7-step drop backs. Not exactly the makings of an NFL-ready quarterback.

Tebow does bring an unquestioned work ethic to the Broncos. He is also considered an excellent teammate and leader. It’s quite possible he has a large chip on his shoulder listening to all who doubt his ability. His character is virtually saint-like. Don’t underestimate the importance of this to the Broncos after dealing with Brandon Marshall.

The selection of Tebow smacks of arrogance on the part of McDaniels. He has been vital in the development of Tom Brady and Matt Cassel. It’s my opinion those players possessed skills Tebow lacks. I hope I’m wrong. Gambling on the wrong quarterback can set a franchise back 5-7 years. Just ask the Oakland Raiders and JaMarcus Russell. It’s time to go to work Batman.

Now let’s quickly review some of the other Broncos picks:

Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker, WR’s - Thomas is a physical specimen yet needs to develop his receiving skills. Decker reminds me of Ed McCaffrey. I think Decker will have more success early. I like both picks as Denver needed help at this position.

Zane Beadles and J.D. Walton, OG and C - Drafting offensive lineman is boring, you just know when your team does not have good linemen. Denver needed help in this area as well and opportunity awaits these players.

Not much help for the defensive side of the ball. This is a scary thought as the Broncos wore down defensively as the season progressed. Denver’s overall draft grade – C; this could move to an A depending on Tebow. C students don’t usually become A students. A sobering thought.

The rest of the AFC West:

Kansas City Chiefs – The Chiefs got perhaps the best overall player in safety Eric Berry, and I also like RB Dexter McCluster. Tony Moeaki is a potential replacement at tight end for Tony Gonzalez. With the addition of free agent running back Thomas Jones and Matt Cassell more comfortable in his second season as quarterback, the Chiefs are an improving team.

Oakland Raiders – Somebody must have woke Al Davis up, or better yet let him keep sleeping, because the Raiders made some nice picks. They improved an already good defense by adding LB Rolando McClain and DT Lamarr Houston. The acquisition of quarterback Jason Campbell should improve their shoddy play at the most important position. The Raiders are also making nice strides.

San Diego Chargers – The Chargers have been the class of the AFC West for several years. They did not have a great draft, but they did address their most glaring need by selecting RB Ryan Matthews to replace LT. The Chargers are clearly the favorite in what should be an improved AFC West.


  1. I agree, Tebow is a "?" and may have been taken too high. Williams out of Tennesee may have been a smarter choice and filled a need. Personally, I'm really high on Thomad and was ready to thump Denver when they took Dez Bryant ahead of him. (Nice Pick) Beadle was a reach, another case of McManCrush chosing substance over ability.

  2. One has to wonder what our boy Orton is thinking about all of this?

  3. Brady Quinn cant be too happy either. One minute he's playing for a starting job in Cleveland and the next he is a parriah where fans want anyone but him. Steady Orton or rookie Tebow seems to be the cry of the fans. No one wants to wait a year for Quinn just to have him turn over the reigns to Tebow.

  4. I think we all need to try to place some faith in the fact that Pat Bowlen hired McDaniels to come here and turn things around, rebooting a franchise isn't easy and takes some time, and by drafting Tebow he bought himself an extra two or three years. As for Orton, this is his last season, and he may not go far depending on his start (Remember what happened to Plummer?), as for Quinn, I only feel bad for the guy because he is no longer second in line, he may sit #2 on the depth chart, but that’s only on paper for now. Everyone is going to want Tebow on the field to see what he can do. What I mean by that is that all the supporters will wanna see him succeed, and all the haters will want to see him go out and fail.